Monday, February 27, 2012

Touch of Girly

I am a girly girl through and through, but I have this constant battle between my classic side, loving simple pieces, subtle colors, natural nails and hair and the wild crazy side, that loves COLOR and a lot of it, colored highlights, crazy jewelry and statement pieces. The only thing my two sides have in common is a love of platform heels. So in this blog your going to see both of my sides and I am sure some other things in between.
The below look is what I would like to think of as a great girls night out look or that wild side date look. If you didn't want to wear a dress you could pair the jacket with a pink top and some leggings, but who wouldn't want to wear a cute flirty dress.
Touch of Girly

Black jacket

CC SKYE pave jewelry
$155 -

Jane Norman bangles jewelry
£12 -

Ray-Ban ray ban shades
$229 -

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