Sunday, September 23, 2012

Surprise Video

Finally got the video uploaded from my surprise birthday party, as you can see I was very much surprised Surprise Video

Monday, September 17, 2012

Nothing, Nada, Zilch

Okay so this weekend I have gone into I guess you can call it Fall Cleaning, I have gone through my closet, jewelry, shoes and kitchen getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore, it's kinda of awesome getting rid of extra stuff. You never realize how much *stuff* you have until you clean or move. Seeing as how I have moved my fair share in the last 4 years (4 times) I have purged every time, saying to myself "I have WAY too much stuff". It's safe to say that I don't "need" anything, in fact I could probably go a year without buying clothes or shoes, so this is my goal for 60 days I will not buy anything that I don't need i.e food, shampoo, etc. I don't know if I have ever gone a week let alone 2 months.
Shopping is my thing I love it, when I am in a bad mood, good mood, stressed, relaxed, you see a pattern here. I get a lot of great deals, but 7 or 8 $4 skirts will fill up a closet and drain your checking account a lot quicker than you would think. Plus I have things that I have never worn, like ever. I am trying to make myself better in this my 30th year. Better body, better mind, better me. So I figure breaking myself of my major shopping addiction is a great start to the better me.

In case you don't believe me when I say I have a lot of clothes, let me introduce you to my closet....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surprise!!! All your friends are really good liars ....

Today is my "Official Birthday" but this past weekend, my friends pulled off an AMAZING Surprise party/beach house weekend. It started with two my my favorite girls. Mona and Tracy leaking information to me "something is happening for your bday" "It's huge!" (that's what she said) "wait is something happening on your birthday (this was their favorite one)" it was pretty much two solid months of this and then finally I got some actual information, okay it's a girls weekend at the beach and then something on Sunday.

So the girls picked me up Saturday morning and we started off for the beach, we stopped in Canon Beach for a little shopping and lunch. The beach was so gorgeous, I mean we live in Oregon and there were people actually on the beach not bundled in sweaters and coats, that's a strange occurrence. As we are shopping Mona and Tracy keep disappearing and huddling over their iPhones, figuring it was about the surprise Sunday I thought nothing of it.
We did a birthday toast at one of the overlooks, beautiful view and my girls.

We were back on the road and headed for Newport Beach, Tracy gets a phone call from her fiance, and informs the car that something was forgotten and we have to detour to Lincoln City to pick it up from Dan's friend .. for the photo booth for the party, and that's when the drama happened, Mona gets mad at Tracy for letting the surprise slip, there is yelling and crying and me thinking oh crap I have got to fix this they can't fight on my birthday. So Tricia and I were trying to calm everyone down, assuring them that it was okay, that no matter what it was going to be an amazing weekend, the tension was still really high but things seemed a little better. So we pull up to the friends house to pick up the whatever it was and we all get out of the car and go to the door, Tracy knocks and nothing, Tracy tries the handle and it opens, so the girls are walking up and I am thinking okay everyone is stressed and it's totally okay that we are breaking and entering into this random  house, it's fine, whoever this person is please let him not be naked .... I walk up the stairs and 17 of my friends screamed SURPRISE!!!! I nearly fell over... it had all been an act to confuse the birthday girl. I was beyond surprised, we had the whole house for the long weekend. It was truly an amazing wonderful weekend. I am still overwhelmed by all of the love and the friendship that I have in my life. It will forever be a weekend that I will never forget.