Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kickball Awesomeness

Mona and I have a kickball team, Kickball you may ask? Are you 10 is another question you're thinking of. It's understandable I mean we live in Portland and there are approximately 5 sunny days a year. But this kickball is different, you get to wear really fun outfits and since were all adults here, drinking is encourage ... errr I mean allowed. So today's look is what I will be wearing for kickball this season, who says Princesses can't get dirty??Kickball

Victoria s Secret racer back tank
$25 -

£20 -

Opaque stocking
$20 -

Knee socks
14 AUD -

Tutu skirt
$13 -

Asics pink shoes
$115 -

Jon Richard hair accessory
£18 -

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