Thursday, March 1, 2012

Never Listen to a Co-Worker

So a co-worker and I where taking a small break from work to do some light internet shopping the conversation went like this
Gita: What do you think about these shoes?
Me: Well um, how much do you like these shoes?
Gita: What?! they are cute, for you know around the house ..
Me: I just well I don't love them
Gita: I think you're right in this light they just aren't that cute
Me: Oh those are pretty!
Gita: They are and they have your size, you have to get them!
Me: You're right I have too.
Gita: 0 Shoes Me: 1 Shoes
How did this happen?? Moral of the story don't listen to co-workers... But look at how cute they are!!

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