Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's in Your Purse

I work for a company that pretty regularly has vendors come in from out of state to do training's etc... This morning one of our vendors brought VooDoo Doughnuts, now if your from Portland you know how amazing the those little pink boxes are if your not .. you are missing out on Bacon Maple goodness... this is not the point of my story but bacon maple donuts need some love. I digress, everyone was fighting calmly sharing their donuts when post finger licking (you know you do it) we realized there weren't any napkins,cue to a woman pulling several from her purse, one of the guys seemed to be amazed by this saying "you keep napkins in your purse?!" like that isn't normal.

So walking to my car carrying my small over night bag aka "purse" I thought what do I have in here. I dumped it all out when I got home ... here is a list of everything in my purse today

Wallet, okay that's pretty standard

2 pairs of sunglasses, again standard

2 pairs of glasses, clearly I like options

5 pairs of headphones, okay maybe a little overboard but have you ever been somewhere and needed a pair of headphones?! totally acceptable

iPod, again who doesn't have an iPod *that I no longer use because of my iPhone and the amazing invention called Spotify*, but you never know when you might need your entire library of music and movies, what if the battery on my iPhone dies and I am forced to *gasp* talk to people?!!? 

17 oz bottle of lotion, okay not standard but it smells nice

Flash light, alright this was a gift from our vendor and won't be in the purse all of the time

2G3 note pad, you never know when you are going to get an amazing idea for a video podcast or your blog!

Makeup bag, Every woman has a makeup bag in their purse, now maybe it's not as huge as mine but they have one!

okay in the makeup bag was:

8 lip glosses, it is completely immaterial that all of them are slightly different shades of pink, one lighter than the next, totally needed .... moving on!

1 lip liner, this is practical next to the 8 lip glosses, which again are totally necessary

1 mascara, this one is totally for my friend Mona who one time needed mascara and I didn't have any and I got a 10 minute lecture about how can you have that huge!?! bag and not have any mascara in there!?!? I have it now and has she once needed it since? No! I blame Mona for this one

Gum, cinnamon, who doesn't need a quick breath saver

Perfume, Lilac who doesn't need a quick.... body saver??

Tide to go pen, stain fighting, coffee stain getter outter (it's a word)

1 wine cork, I am not 100% sure how this ended up in my bag, I shall again blame Mona for this one

Hand Sanitizer, just good sense

Lotion, this one is travel size, you know just in case I run out of the 17 ozs

See that's not bad at all in total 30 items, that seems completely normal, this shine some light on why I have back problems ....


2 Geeky Girly Girls said...

How can I be "blamed" for you having mascara in your purse... YOU SHOULD BE THANKING ME WOMAN!!!

Anonymous said...

I have my drivers license, a debit card, ONE tube of lipstick and keys in my purse... bam... your mind blown.