Monday, April 2, 2012

The Story of Free Shoes!

Last week I went to drinks with friends and ended up with a free pair of shoes … I know what you are thinking BEST HAPPY HOUR EVER and you would be right here is how I got my shoes.

Joel: You're late! we ordered you a drink

Me: awe thanks! What did you order me?

Joel: That spicy one that Tricia said was amazing!!

Me: oh the fat lady?

Kyle: you mean the, it's not me it's you?

Me: hmm I feel those aren't right

Waiter: here is your Deal Breaker …

Us: ohhhh!!

Me: sip ….. *Gasp* *Cough* *Gag* it's smooth …

Stacey: okay we will get you something else

Me: oh thank god that's awful!

Time passes and the fat lady/it's not you it's me is just sitting there untouched and quiet honestly looked a little lonely

Joel: Kyle I bet you $25 that you can't down that drink in one gulp

Kyle: Looks at the drink, looks back at Joel …. $26!

Me: Dude!! Like that's even hard you're just giving him your money!!

Joel: Fine you do it

Me: dude, done! One gulp, fat lady had sung

Joel, Stacey & Kyle: …….

Me: What I said it was easy

Joel: I think I just got swindled!

Tada! Free shoes!! They shall be called "The Joel"

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